About I&I Outfitters

Founded in 2016, I&I Outfitters is an experi(mental) health awareness apparel line & community that aims to raise awareness about the stigma surrounding mental illness through storytelling, artist collaborations, and social campaigns.

The overarching goal of our work is to create spaces both online and offline where we can share our stories of recovery, relapse, and growth. Apparel is one modality by which we can create and offer visual invitations for dialogue about mental health, undoing the stigma and shifting the cultural narrative, one conversation at a time.   

We aim to support, encourage, and empower others to share their stories and speak their truth, knowing they are not alone, and that they are supported by hundreds and thousands in a supportive, inclusive community. 

I&I Outfitters was brought back to life the world lost AJ Devin Johnson to suicide in February of 2021. In honor of AJ's life, for everyone who has lost a loved one to suicide, and those of us who struggle with mental health, I&I Outfitters was created for you.

What I&I Outfitters Stands For 

1. In the darkness, I am. In the light, I am
It's easy to remember our worth when our mental health is stable. But it is much harder to feel purpose, hope, and joy when we are struggling with our mental health. Regardless of what you are going through or how you feel in any given moment, in the darkness, you are worthy, loved and needed. In the light, you are worthy, loved, and needed. 

2. Not you and I, but I and I
Even though we can feel isolated and alone in our pain and suffering, we are all in this together. There are so many of us searching and yearning for connection and transparency. I&I reflects this concept of unity in our shared collective experience of being human and wading our way through the waves of mental health. Together we can support one another. 

3. The Phases of the Moon...
The moon remains the same in both the darkness and the light. Just as the moon goes through phases, we are reminded that we are also always shifting into new variations of ourselves. The phases shift, but our true nature remains constant. 

Core Beliefs

We understand that mental health is deeply personal, and we are committed to reducing the stigma surrounding all forms of mental health struggles. We aim to raise awareness about mental health, reduce the stigma surrounding mental illness, support and encourage others through community advocacy, and raise awareness about suicide prevention. 

10% of Profits Go to Together Rising

In February of 2021 AJ Devin Johnson took his life. He left behind his mom and two younger sisters. I&I Outfitters was re-ignited after his death to raise funds for his family and advocate for suicide prevention awareness. To continue supporting his mom as a single parent, Aurora reached out to Glennon Doyle and asked if Together Rising would be able to help. After explaining this story, AJ's mom received a $15,000 check in the mail to help pay for AJ's cremation, living expenses, and back-dated rent that was over-due. In gratitude for Together Rising's generous donation, 10% of all profits from I&I Outfitters will go directly to this non-profit that supports women, families, and children in crisis.